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Mississauga Spring Term 2016
Apr 25 - July 17
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Richmond Hill Spring Term 2016
Apr 25 - Jul 31
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Tai Chi is one of the most popular martial art and exercise practised in the world today. It is an internal Martial Art that combines philosophy, martial arts, well-being, and self awareness. Practising tai chi requires focus of the mind and body, with slow, controlled movements that require natural posture alignment, balance and inner peace.

July 24, Sunday 4:30 pm - 6:30 pm 

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FREE for first-timers

4:30 pm - Qi Gong class
5:15 pm - Performance
5:30 pm - Tai Chi Fitness class
6:15 pm - Performance

Enjoy some complimentary refreshments and watch our INSTRUCTORS perform

Past Events

Fairchild Spring Festival Gala
International Achievement in Jiaozuo, China
Living Well with Chronic Pain Symposium
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